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Helping Brits move to Spain.

You may be eligible for the nomad visa if

  • You have a British passport
  • You can work remotely
  • You earn over £27,000 (or have sufficient savings)
9:06 am, July 16, 2024

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

In 2023 Spain launched the digital nomad visa, allowing foreign individuals to live and work remotely in Spain.

Automate your growth

3:45 duration

We help you to live and work in Spain

Applying for the digital nomad visa is a complex and bureaucratic process requiring the collection of various documents and paperwork, some of which need to be translated by an officially recognised translator and apostilled. At, we’re here to help you navigate the process every step of the way, so you can begin living and working in Spain.

Why Visas For Brits?

  • Experienced Visa Specialists

Immigration requirements frequently change. Our visa specialists keep up-to-date with changes, ensuring your application meets all current requirements.

  • High Success Rates

Our team is adept in navigating the intricacies of the Spanish visa process specifically for British applicants. Familiarity with the process means they have higher success rates in visa approvals.

  • Bilingual Consultants

Fluent in both English and Spanish, our consultants understand the required UK documentation involved in facilitating successful visa applications.

  • Half Price

Our fees start from £599 (+21% VAT), typically half of what you could expect to pay for comparable services from an immigration lawyer.

"I want to make it easier and affordable for Brits to work and live in Spain"

I’m Mark, and I once paid enough in legal fees to single-handedly keep the Spanish olive industry afloat, all to get a visa so I could live in Spain. Having been through the visa process myself, I have first hand experience of just how complicated and expensive it can be. That’s why I created Visas For Brits because I wanted to make it easier and more affordable for Brits like you to come and live here too.

How Does It Work?

Fill out our application form

You provide us with information about your education, career and employment status.

Review your information

We review your information and individual circumstances to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for the digital nomad visa.

Documentation and Appointments

We provide assistance on the documentation that you’ll need to present, help to arrange any necessary appointments and process paperwork.

Visa Acceptance

Once you’ve been accepted for the visa, we’ll then help you with the final stages of administration, so you can begin living in Spain.

Frequently asked questions

What is the digital nomad visa?

Spain’s digital nomad visa is intended for individuals from abroad who wish live in Spain. It’s for individuals who work remotely using a computer, either for a company, or as a self-employed individual outside of Spain.

How much does Spain's digital nomad visa cost?

The total cost to obtain Spain’s nomad visa, will depend on your personal circumstances. This can vary depending upon whether you use a lawyer (who tend to charge higher fees), whether you have dependents, and even how many documents you need to get officially translated (more pages means higher fees).

For a single applicant, total costs typically start from around €1,500 when using a service like ours (this includes our fee which starts at €800).

How long does it take to obtain the digital nomad visa?

Once you have collated all your required documents, the actual application process is usually relatively fast, taking between 15 and 45 days.

However, the total time it can take to obtain the necessary documents before you can begin your application can take time. Your individual circumstances will dictate the documents that you require, and some can take months to obtain.

Why use

At Visas for Brits, we want to make moving to Spain as easy and accessible as possible.

We don’t use lawyers, we use visa specialists, and because they are processing visas every day, they are able to keep up-to date with any changes in immigration rules and regulation.

This means we’re able to keep our visa success rate high, and will only process applicants if we think they have a strong chance of being approved.